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And still, whenever men and women gather
for talk and laughter on a summer night,
shall not that lamp rekindle; and the room
glow once again alive with light and laughter;
and, like a singing star in time’s abyss,
burn golden-hearted through oblivion?

Wilfrid Gibson, The Golden Room

Welcome to The Golden Room podcast – a celebration of poetry, storytelling, music, song, conversation, and creative fellowship.

Created and hosted by writer, poet, and storyteller Kevan Manwaring, the plan is to release a new episode on the 3rd Sunday of the month. Roughly an hour long, each episode offers an immersive and relaxing medley of contributions – ideal to commute to, cook to, or sit back and unwind to: however you listen you are most welcome into The Golden Room.


#1: An Ecobardic Showcase (part 1)

#2: An Ecobardic Showcase (part 2)

#3: Autumn Roots

#4: Extinction Cabaret

#5: Garrie Fletcher, short story writer

#6: Wintering

#7: Chantelle Smith, folksinger & songwriter

#8: Eilís Phillips, singer, songwriter, researcher

#9: Marko Gallaidhe, folksinger, musician, magician

#10: The Green Fuse

#11: A-Conjuring Summer In

#12: Pilgrim of Light





  1. Welcome – Kevan Manwaring
  2. Reverie – Rosemary Duxbury (from Thread of Gold)
  3. Welcome Song – Chantelle Smith
  4. Low Hang the Leaves – Fiona Davidson (from The Language of Birds)
  5. Summer’s Wake – Kevan Manwaring (from Green Fire)
  6. Three Ravens – David Metcalfe (from Rogues and Ravens)
  7. Yew Pollen – Jehanne Mehta (from Heart of Yew)
  8. This is our World, This is our Home – Rob Farmer
  9. Blessed is the Mother – Kevan Manwaring (from Global Warning)
  10. House on Fire – Sara Vian
  11. The Wonderful Wood – Richard Selby and Beth Porter (from The Mouth of Night)
  12. The Trees They Do Grow High – David Metcalfe (from Rogues and Ravens)
  13. Ghost Forest – Kevan Manwaring (from Global Warning)
  14. Evening in the Forest – field recording
  15. Name of the Yew – Jehanne Mehta (from Heart of Yew)
  16. When the Revolution Comes – Rob Farmer
  17. One With the Land – Kevan Manwaring (from Green Fire)
  18. Seeds Beneath the Snow – Rob Farmer
  19. Lady of Autumn – Beggars Velvet (Dave Webber, sample)


With thanks to all contributors – please check out their links for more information.



Come to the Extinction Cabaret and sing the songs of the Earth! Share your praise-poems for our precious planet! Recite your monologues of love and sorrow! Weep and laugh at the madness of it all, and inspire yourself and others to take positive action!

Extinction Cabaret was organised by Kevan Manwaring, and took place on Sunday, 13 October, Downstairs at The Leicester, 7-10pm. It was part of the Everybody’s Reading Festival 2019.


  1. Planet Blues: Sara Vian
  2. Introduction: Kevan Manwaring
  3. Choices: Kevan Manwaring
  4. Extinction Rebellion: Judy from XR Leicester
  5. House on Fire: Sara Vian
  6. Do What’s Best for the Planet: floor spot from Tony
  7. Lament for the Trees: Paul Francis
  8. 3 Short Poems: Steve Wylie
  9. When Life Gives You Lemons: Sara Vian
  10. Zero Time: floor spot from Greg
  11. Washing the Sea: Paul Francis
  12. Blessed is the Mother: Kevan Manwaring
  13. Keep Your Faith: Sara Vian
  14. Bellwether: Kevan Manwaring
  15. The Sailor and the Magician: Paul Francis
  16. The Calving of the Berg: Kevan Manwaring
  17. Beautiful Love: Sara Vian
  18. Silent Watchman – Steve Wylie
  19. Beautiful Soul – Sara Vian
  20. Don’t Push the River – Paul Francis

Thank you to all the contributors, especially to our special guests Sara Vian and Paul Francis, to Everybody’s Reading Festival, to James and the staff at The Western, and to Chris from Music Eye for recording it all.