SELECTED WORKS (Kevan Manwaring)


‘Marginalia’ in Hidden Stories, University of Leicester (commission) 2015

Desiring Dragons: creativity, imagination and the writer’s quest, Compass Books, 2013

Storytelling for a Greener World, (contributor) Hawthorn Press, 2014

Northamptonshire Folk Tales, The History Press, 2013

Oxfordshire Folk Tales, The History Press, 2012

Turning the Wheel: seasonal Britain on two wheels, O Books, 2011

The Way of Awen: journey of a bard, O Books, 2010

The Book of the Bardic Chair, RJ Stewart Books 2009

Lost Islands: inventing Avalon, destroying Eden, Heart of Albion Press, 2008

The Bardic Handbook, Gothic Image, 2006



Lost Border, Chrysalis, 2015

Soul of the Earth (contributor) Awen 2011

The Immanent Moment, Awen 2010

Spring Fall, Awen 2009

Thirteen Treasures, Awen 2008

Wildblood, Away Concertinas, 2009

Into the Further Reaches, PS Avalon 2007

Iona, Mary Palmer, Awen 2008 (introduction)

The Signature of Kisses, Simon Miles, Awen 2007 (introduction)

Tidal Shift, Mary Palmer, Awen, 2009 (introduction)

Places of Truth, Jay Ramsay, Awen, 2009 (introduction)

The William Blake Birthday Book, Bow of Burning Gold, 2007 (contributor)

Writing the Land: an anthology of natural words, Awen 2003 (editor)

Generations (contributor), Poetry Can, 2000

Stealing Ivy 1 & 2, (contributor) Northampton Poets, 1992



Ballad Tales: an anthology of British Ballads retold (editor & contributor), The History Press 2017

English Folk Tales (contributor), The History Press, 2016

This Fearful Tempest, Awen 2012

The Burning Path, Awen, 2011

The Well Under the Sea, Awen 2009

The Sun Miners, Awen 2007

Windsmith, Awen, 2006

The Long Woman, Awen 2004







Facts and Fiction

The Big Picture


Writing in Practice

The London Magazine

Revenant: critical and creative studies in the supernatural


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