Kevan basking in the Cornish sun, September 2021

My published works have explored the Bardic Tradition in fictional (The Windsmith Elegy series of novels) and non-fictional ways (The Bardic Handbook; The Way of Awen; Desiring Dragons; The Bardic Chair).  These days I am exploring this evolving field through my academic research (through my Creative Writing PhD at the University of Leicester and beyond as a Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Winchester). I am interested in crossing the creative/critical divide; using bardic skills in conference presentations, lectures, and workshops; and academic rigour in exploring oral traditions and written cultures, fantasy and folklore, and the cross-fertilisation between them.

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2014-)
  • Fellow of Hawthornden International Writers Retreat
  • Eccles Centre Postgraduate Fellow in North American Studies (2015-)
  • Honorary Associate of the Open University

Research interests

  • Fantastika (Fantasy; Science Fiction; Weird; Speculalitive Fiction, etc).
  • Folklore
  • The ecological Gothic
  • Multimodal storytelling
  • The Bardic Tradition


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