Psychogeography – call for submissions


Beachy Head, Eric Ravilious, 1939

PANORAMA: the Journal of Intelligent Travel



Panorama emphasises writing and photography which is created with a deep intelligence, reconnecting us to the world.

Psychogeography: we seek works that eschew the formulaic and solipsistic intellectualism of psychogeography for a more visceral, authentic engagement with the environment, with the other, and with the self: a verticality of exploration, rather than the pose of the flâneur. Writing that is experimental, or from marginalised/under-represented voices, especially welcome. Traditional travelogue format is not essential – beautifully-crafted prose is. Remember it is creative non-fiction we are after, not academic essays. 1500-3000 words. Please send expressions of interest and/or completed works to Psychogeography Editor, Dr Kevan Manwaring. Include a short bio and introduction to your work in the body of your email. Title email:  [Theme]/Psychogeography. 

For more on our guidelines, read our  FAQ’s and Submissions page on the website.

Call Outs:

·         Roots (call is out now, until 20 Aug.)

·         Love and Lust (for Spring issue 2020)

·         Islands (for Summer 2020)

·         Childhood (for Autumn 2020)

·         Pilgrimage (for Spring 2021)

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