Time Takes a Cigarette 4


My earliest memory? Well, it starts with a bang (doesn’t it always). Talk about fireworks! It was like nothing you’ve seen on Earth. In fact, Earth hadn’t happened yet. There was a whole bunch of nothing. Space? Well suddenly there was a lot of it. All the elements, all the cosmic lego, thrown up in the air (if there had been an ‘up’ back then) and perhaps landing exactly where it should. Perhaps the whole of existence had been conceived right then, in the ultimate act of inspiration. Or perhaps existence has been winging it ever since. A work-in-progress forgives a multitude of sins – but it feels like we’ve been making virtues of our vices ever since. Anyway, it was one helluva party. Everyone was there. Although only in their crudest carbon form. The smallest talk. I won’t embarrass you with the photos. Okay, it was a dry bash, but with supernovas like that, who needs champagne?

Of course, the host didn’t show up.

Kevan Manwaring ©2016

Part 5

Part 3

Part 2

Part 1

(1 of 12 connected flash fictions written by Kevan Manwaring, dedicated to David Bowie 1947-2016, and published here to mark the first anniversary of the passing of a visionary starman & much-missed musical genius. ‘Look up here, I’m in Heaven…’).


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