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The Slumbering Bard

Wild camping on the Peak District

Wild camping on the Peak District

Spine against the vertebrae

of the Pennines,

legs heavy with hundreds of miles

stretch to the South,

to Cornwall’s blistered coast,

feet cooling in the memory of Ys,

sun-brown arms stretch out

across the Marches and the Fens,

one hand on Cader Idris,

the other, the Wash,

unburdened shoulders rest upon

the green bosom of the Dales,

Shining Tor my solar plexus,

a crown of stars above my wild bed,

the calm blanket of night

swaddling my dreams.

I sigh into the soil, still

after many days’ motion.

Let England hold me –

body if not mind,

my head in the ptarmigan-plumed

summits of the Highlands yet,

the long deep mirror of Lomond,

the unfallen world caught in its

grey glass. My echo still ringing

in the noble Glens, the paths of song,

droving me home.

Kevan Manwaring

Cat and Fiddle Inn, Peak District,

10 July 2015