Kali Exorcism

Check out this awesome apocalyptic video-poem from my friend Helen Moore, Frome-based eco-poet whose new  collection, Eco-zoic, has just been published.

‘Kali Exorcism’ is a collaboration between poet Helen Moore and film-maker Howard Vause.

Inspired by the tradition of exorcism in Beat poetry, this video-poem deploys text, sound and imagery to invoke the purgative energies of Kali so as to cleanse the world of the military-industrial complex and the state of perpetual warfare that the system requires.

The poem ‘Kali Exorcism’ features in a new collection, ECOZOA, by Helen Moore published by Permanent Publications (2015). This book offers intimations of a possible future ‘Ecozoic Era’, where we live in harmony “with the Earth as our community”, in stark contrast to the current period of planetary ecosystems ravaged by industrial civilization and war.

Poem: Helen Moore
AV production and animation: Howard Vause
Poem performed by Helen Moore and Howard Vause
Music: Howard Vause feat. PJ Leonard, Emma Harris, Patricia Fewer
Hand dance performed by Karine Butchart


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