A Feast of Bards

Stroud Story Supper – 28 April

Samuel Breton Troubadour entertains the audience at the Stroud Story Supper

Samuel Breton Troubadour entertains the audience at the Stroud Story Supper

Last Friday saw a packed Black Book Cafe for quite probably our best Story Supper yet. Local storyteller Fiona Eadie was on hosting duties and she did an excellent job. I had invited regional story clubs to come and have a ‘guest night’ – and as a result we had not only a couple from the Mendip Circle, but also three from the Malvern Storytellers, and one from the Cardiff Story Circle! So, a bardic cornucopia! And if that wasn’t enough (on top of our local coterie of excellent wordsmiths) we also had a Breton troubadour, Samuel Allo, passing through – he rocked up with his psaltry, antlers (!) and whistle just in time, having thumbed it from West Wales! He’d been hitchhiking around Britain and Ireland since early January – singing, or telling (or both) for his supper. When his turn came, he told a story from his grandfather about the Corrigans – the indigenous fairy folk of his homeland, who are just as mischievous as the British variety. Luckily he told us how to outwit them (with riddles). To make him feel at home Fiona performed a mermaid tale from Jersey. We had fine contributions from the Mendips, Malverns and Cardiff – and Wroughton (a song from Chantelle). The standard was high and the atmosphere was most congenial. Although I didn’t get to do a turn – as they ran out of time – I sat back and enjoyed the satisfaction of seeing the Supper really flourish. The next one is 25 April and we have special guests, the Newent Circle, coming along, so should be a great evening.

‘it was lovely coming to the storytelling supper last week. it’s a lovely venue and a lovely event.’ Kate

‘Good turnout, good stories and good atmosphere.’ Colin


Stroud Story Supper is a Cotswold Word Centre initiative


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