Winter Solstice poem

Solstice Sunset at Stoney Littleton

Solstice Sunset at Stoney Littleton

Here’s a poem I wrote after witnessing winter solstice at Stoney Littleton long barrow three years ago.




Follow the Sun Road Home


Awakening to a dreaming world,

The road winding,

The mist rising,

Shadows in the valleys,

Ancient shapes in the land.


Crossing the faerie bridge with a kiss,

The brook running deep and clear,

Climbing through fields wet with tears,

To the slumbering barrow on the hill,

The door to the Otherworld is there still.


Follow the sun road home

Called by the song of the Sidhe.

Follow the sun road home,

Over the westering sea –

Beyond this world of bones

To the place where the spirit is free.


Within the chambered tomb

We wait for the crack of dawn.

Within the dripping darkness

We wait to be reborn.


In the stillness and the silence

We listen to our forefathers.

Before the horn of solstice blows

We heed the heartbeat of the mother.


Then we feel the thrill of Earth’s quickening.

The gathered hold their breath,

Gaze through the grey –

Wordlessly praying for

A Grail for the sickening.




A  swift kestrel takes wing

The new sun has risen.

Friends depart and wheels turn –

May we meet over the



Follow the sun road home,

Follow the sun road home.

Down the hollow lanes,

And shining leys,

Following the sun road home.


Winter Solstice, 21st December 2005  Kevan Manwaring


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